Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday afternoon, slowing down and enjoying the rhythm!

Came home from work this afternoon and this was the view I had from my back garden!

and the other end of the rainbow!

.....and the full effect on the video!

The light was exquisite. I am constantly thankful for this panoramic scene that I can enjoy day after day throughout all the seasons.

Then I sat for a bit and did some of this:

...which will be a tunic top to go over trousers.  I'm no expert but I find it relaxing and it helps me to slow down and ponder!  I'm keeping to the straight forward patterns at the moment, although I must just show  you this, now that Christmas has gone!

For a special lady!

Then off I went with a small bag of bits and bobs for a local charity shop.....of course whilst I was there I had to peruse the books. My excuse being to look out for the Book Club reading books that are coming up.  I was shown the back room in which were stacked crates of books, paradise!  However, I could only gaze as there were so many piled up, I would have had to dismantle the whole area! my eyes did alight on a Nigel Slater book though....I love that man's mouth, forget the recipes, when he is on TV, I just stare at the curve of his mouth....hahaha, mad woman!

So here it is, such sensible recipes, food we all eat!

Photography is outstanding too!

However I believe my next culinary attempt will be Chinese tabioca! Got the ingredients (left by a previous medic....refuse the check the sell by date, sure it's fine...) Found a recipe online, it's chilled and is made with coconut may follow! (Bet you can't wait...)

Until then, have rambled for long enough, need to plate up the dh's dinner.  He will be home after extended hours surgery...12 hours at work being all things to all people.  I'll leave him to unwind in front of the TV in peace without me jabbering on (have learned the hard way! ) As for me I shall retire to my bed surrounded by my books and many thoughts, unwinding in my own way...with  A.W.Tozer!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

"Any place I hang my hat (or coat) is home!"


Had a bit of a change around since the New Year!

It is interesting how you continue to do things the same old way without questioning why you did it in a certain way originally and whether it still works as well. This was well illustrated recently when I noticed how our coats always hung over the shoe rack so that when you looked for your shoes you had to go rummaging through the jackets that draped all over them…

 So why was that? Then I remembered three small boys with school coats and hats who couldn't reach. So where were those small boys now?!

Time to change!

Coat hooks were removed, two were broken anyway.....we were going to get around to it...eventually! New hooks bought, Coat rack moved to a more suitable higher area, shoe rack at the base, free of  trailing coat hems....

Sideboard bought (been saving!) Drawers filled with hats, scarves and gloves (in that order)  Large cupboards: toys and games for visiting children, Small cupboard: umbrellas, kagoules etc

I keep stroking the woodgrain as I walk by....

The chair can be grabbed and used if we need it for extra people dropping in for coffee. At Christmas. it can still be our  Chrsitmas tree space! (Yeah, thought it that's what wakeful nights are all about then!


This is the wallhanging given to us by a special lady this Christmas! It goes perfectly with our theme and replaces a smaller,rather sad, faded and old one which I needed a reason to remove.  It will be repurposed into something else when I get inspired!

It is twinkly with small mirrrors and works well with the mirror style curtains I made for the front door.


So times have moved on and now so is the decor, little by little!



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