Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Count your Blessings, name them one by one

Some of you are singing the words of this old hymn, I can hear you!

An exploration into Gratitude and Mindfullness every Wednesday morning for the next 5 weeks.

Today we made our start....

DVD set up, nibbles on the side, coffee mugs cupped in hands, four woman attentive to hear. stories.... vulnerability...all in the mix.

"Tell about a moment in your life that was hard and painful and lookd nothing like a gift. until later you began to discover that a gift was wrapped up in the pain of that moment"

DISCUSS....Oh boy.....

So today was all about wounds, what can cause us to close our hands and hearts to God....

Where does thankfullness and gratitude fit into that....

No one  said  "Enough Already!" and walked out, we're all signed up for the next 4 weeks!

Next week it looks as if we will be discussing: "slowing down and living fully in the moment", a little more like this I imagine:

A bit more Vivaldi and a little less Mahler....perhaps!

So today was a good beginning; today I began my Gratitude Journal.

The article below has some interesting suggestions regarding cultivating gratitude habits:

But for now, I have some "Between Sessions" homework to get to grips with!


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