Friday, 24 June 2011

KIdnapped! Saturday afternoon Blists Hill

Blists Hill: Victorian Town:

Signs of the Victorian Times! Here are a selection that made me smile!

SSo as not to bore you too much, I'll just show you the Victorian Doctor's house, which incidentally had a veg garden with chickens and a pig enclosure (if we had more land...sigh...).  The Doctor's wife was sitting by her open fire sewing a tapestry.  Her knitting basket on one side with wool items in various stages of development! I felt quite at home...

The Consulting Room:

TAll consultations written down, Doctor's handwriting legible?! Sorry it's a little too small to read easily on here, but believe me I had a good read!! 6d for a consultation or no charge in some cases....Stuart Smith wanting his 2nd opinion...1/6 please!


There was a framed painting in the small waiting room in the house. I wrote down the name of the artist:Luke Fildes and did some research when I got home.

"Fildes’s painting was inspired by the death of his son and the professional devotion of Dr Gustavus Murray who treated him. But this work shows the moment when a child shows the first sign of recovery. The redeeming light of dawn is shining on the child.In order to make the picture convincing Fildes constructed a cottage interior in his studio. He began work at dawn each day to catch the exact light conditions. The image of an ordinary doctor’s quiet heroism was a huge success with the late-Victorian public."

 Here's one I made earlier...the item that looks like a hand drill on the middle shelf is a Blood circulator....what the heck.....

Oh and the kitchen, homemade jams...yep, as I say, quite at home!

I loved the whole experience of wandering around a working Victorian town, with characters in costume going about their daily life!  We will definitely go back and aim to have a sepia photo done at Smitheman Studio Photographers next time!

Ended the day with K and D going off to buy and prepare dinner for us, followed by an unplanned (by us) Jackfield Brass Band concert in a courtyard near to the Youth Hostel. Lovely end to the day!

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